Quotes about EYFS

Quotes from our children and staff

We know we can tell you about how much we love North Walkden but we hope you can see from our pictures and quotes that our children and staff love being part of the North Walkden family.

Our staff...


      Helen(1).jpeg          Charlotte(1).jpg           


     Sophie.jpg          Carol(1).jpeg           Jack(1).jpeg


     Ceri(1).png           Liz(1).jpeg           Gemma T.jpeg

Our nursery children...

Charlier.jpeg            Noah.jpeg            Mya Spencer.jpeg


Scarlett.jpeg             Luay.jpeg              Dara.jpeg


Our Reception children...

Otis.jpg            Frazer.png             Amelie - Jo.png

   Ella - Rose.png                Ivana.jpeg                 Olivia St.jpg   


    Riley.jpeg                              Muqaddim.jpeg

North Walkden Primary School

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