Meals & Snacks

School Meals

Our nursery children eat their lunch inside their classroom and our Reception children eat their lunch in the dining room located in the middle of the school. 

This can be a worrying time for our children and panic can set in wondering what their meal will look like and if it will be the same as what they are used to at home. To prepare your child for this; please have a look at the menu, which can be found on the main school website and photos above and go through the menu - spend time making these meals at home for your child and teaching them what the food is called. This alleviates worries when the children start school as they are used to meals they will receive.


How can you help you child?

  • In readiness for school meal times, please can you help your child to practise using a knife & fork and cutting their food. Of course, we will help them to do this, but we always encourage them to have a go on thier own first to create independence.
  • Please can you practice sitting at the table whilst your child is eating.



We kindly ask parents to contribute £1 per week towards 'snack fund'. This can be paid directly to the EYFS Team weekly, half termly, termly or yearly.  This is very much appreciated.

Our Snack Fund is very important – the money parents donate allows us to provide special snacks each day.  The children enjoy bagels, crackers and cheese, cereals, toast, breadsticks etc and it also provides the special food for parties and special celebrations.  Snack Fund is also the source to buy special resources for example, our baking activities.  In short, it makes our EYFS Unit a much better place!


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