96% and above is considered 'GOOD' attendance - we would like 100%

North Walkden Primary School values good attendance and punctuality because every child has a legal right to an education.  The attendance target for every child is 96%.  Our weekly attendance is published on the school newsletters each Friday. 

What should Parents/Carers do?


  • Telephone the school on the first day of your child’s absence by 9.30am to let us know why your child is not in school, advise school daily of any ongoing absence.
  • APPOINTMENTS - you should aim to make routine appointments out of school time (during holidays) but if additional appointment are required then please make them out of school hours whenever possible. For appointments during school time - please show the appointment card to school BEFORE taking them. Your child is only allowed time off school to attend the appointment. They should come to school before and return to school as soon as possible after the appointment. Appointments not supported by an appointment card will be marked as unauthorised.


  • If you wish to apply for a planned absence from school you must fill in an ‘ABSENCE REQUEST FORM’ and explain your reasons for the absence. Absence requests will only be considered under exceptional circumstances


ATTENDANCE - Visiting Days

The school runs many initiatives to support good attendance one of which is our 'visiting day'.  On a chosen day, every half term, our Children and Families Worker along with the Educational Welfare Officer will visit children absent on that day. This is to both understand absence and to provide support if needed.  If you require any further information then please contact our Children and Families Worker on 0161 921 2921.

Some interesting facts on attendance and puctuality:

  • 90% attendance means your child has missed 4 whole weeks of school which is 100 hours of lessons
  • A two week holiday in term time will reduce your child's attendance to less than 95%
  • Arriving 5 minutes late every day adds up to 3 days lost in a year
  • Arriving 15 minutes late every day is equal to 2 weeks lost in a year

The school office is open from 8.45 am to 4.00 pm. Please do not hesitate to phone or call in if you require any information.

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