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Mrs Conaghan

Welcome to Nursery’s Class Page
2017 - 2018

Class Teacher: Mrs Paice

Teaching Assistants: Miss Burrows and Miss Lord

Cover Assistants: Mrs Winterbottom and Mrs Drench.


Hello and welcome back to Nursery’s Class page. I hope you have had a lovely Half Term break and are raring to go for our last Half Term in Nursery! :-( We have lots going on this Summer Term. Please take a look below at the important details.

Our topic this half term is 'Under the Sea’! We are super excited to be learning about lots of different creatures that live under the water, what we can find at the seaside and reading stories related to the topic. I would love to see any pictures of the
children at home having days out at the
beach with the family and I am checking
the EYFS email every few days to print off
any pictures sent in, so please keep them

We are going to be getting very
creative making sea pictures, being
adventurous with what we think sea
creatures look like and using lots of media
to recreate how we get to our holiday
destinations; cars, aeroplanes, train etc.

As part of our personal, social and emotional
we will talk about what we need
to do to be safe in the sun or water; what do
we wear, do’s and don’ts and stranger

We will continue to work on phase 1 within
our letters and sounds sessions and to look
at phase 2 initial sounds which include the
following letters s - a - t - p - i - n - m – d- go-
c-k- ck – e –u -r
. We look at how these
letters sound in words when we speak them
- for e.g. sssssnake ssssssausages - not S
pronounced as an 'ESS' or a 'SUH'. It
would be helpful if you could continue to
look at the Jolly Phonics Phase 2 Songs
(available on our Learning Zone) to hear
how to pronounce them correctly to support
your child. We are going to be focusing on
phase 2 sounds a little more this term with
lots of fun games both in and outside the
classroom. Children that are ready are
going to be taking reading books home each
week to share with you ready for when they
start in Reception.

*If you would like to come in and participate in a phonics
session with your child please let me know and we can
arrange this.

As soon as each set of letters is introduced,
children will be encouraged to use their
knowledge of the letter sounds to blend and
sound out words. For example, they will
learn to blend the sounds s-a-t to make the
word sat. They will also start learning to
segment words. For example, they might be
asked to find the letter sounds that make
the word tap from a small selection of
magnetic letters. Segmenting and Blending
is a very tricky skill for young children to
learn, so any support at home would help
your child.

Blending is when children hear the
segmented sounds in words and 'stick them
back together'. There will be lots of
occasions when children will segment words
such as c - a - t and then say 'Dinosaur' -
which is fine! (and always makes us

Please also check our Nursery blog every
Friday and send in lots of pictures of your
children having fun and learning at home to
our EYFS email page. Keep a look out for
more information being updated - I look
forward to hearing all about the fun the
children have had over the half term and
introduce our new topic to them.
Mrs Paice

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